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How We Are Unique

Laflin Design Group, Ltd. has a grounded approach and philosophy: We always have the clients’ and the users’ interest at heart with every selection that is made and every design that is executed. Our goal is to create spaces that successfully meet the programming requirements of the client while respecting the needs of the users. Laflin Design Group, Ltd. has a personal connection to our clients and to our work.

Laflin Design Group, Ltd. integrates meditative elements into all of its designs. Incorporating those qualities into every design creates a niche that someone can use and have a moment of privacy or a moment of reflection. What’s more, this approach has an impact on users, even if they are not aware of it, because it’s about the energy and the vibration of the space.

Our approach is to design calming environments that people experience differently with the seasons and through time. Unlike many firms, we have an understanding of the materials we use and the way things grow. We focus on finding the right solution rather than simply using what’s available at hand.

In addition, focusing on the end user helps us create the truly unique space and the truly unique identity of each design, of each property, and of each building. We also communicate the client’s identity through the exterior spaces. Just as the interior speaks to the identity of the business, the exterior also illustrates the business’s identity.

Laflin Design Group, Ltd. has built a reputation of working well with other consultants, with architects and with engineers because Katrina understands the extreme importance of putting herself in the other person’s shoes and approaching everything from that point of view. She also appreciates the teamwork and collaboration with other professionals who share the same commitment to quality and client care.