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Our Process

We design to create spaces and to incorporate elements that appeal to the senses. When a user passes through a space, it should be an experience and we firmly believe that people should be connected with and grounded to the earth. Thus, we design spaces to give people the opportunity to sense and to experience that connection with the earth.

When working with a new client, Laflin Design Group, Ltd. first gathers information to determine the client’s goals and metrics for measured success of the end result. We discuss the client’s program, budget and scheduling. Then we meet with user groups to assess user needs and to initial consensus building for the development.

All of this information is juxtaposed with the program requirements and used for the space(s) to be designed to create the underlying concept. We then translate this information into the landscape solution to create spaces that speak to users at an emotional level. The initial design is then presented to the client. We walk them through the plans and the spaces, so they know what it’s going to look like and what kind of experience a user is going to have coming through the space.